Jots - Earn while you learn

Q:  What are "jots"?

Jots is an opportunity for each of you engaged with join-thedots to earn while you learn. 

Q:  How can you earn jots?

1. Enrolment into any paid course will earn you jots (₹ 100 = 1 jot)

2. A friend in need is a friend in deed - as the adage goes - you help your friend by providing reference to our paid courses - both of you get to benefit - you ll receive the same 'jots' as your friend

3. Win monthly join-thedots blog contests and earn anywhere between 250 to 500 jots

4. You successfully complete in any module of professional paid course, you stand a chance to receive 250 additional jots

Q:  How much time does it take for jots to be credited?

Within 48 hours of jot earnings, jots credit will be visible in your login under Jots section.

Q:  How long are jots valid?

Life-time validity; Yes, there is no expiry for jots, you earned it - its yours and it will remain the same.

Q:  When can I redeem 'jots'?

Once you reach 500 jots, redemption tab will be activated in your Jots section in your member login. 

Q:  What is the value of jots?

Each jot = ₹ 1

Q:  How to redeem jots?

After 500 jots are accumulated, you can redeem jots by -

a) Direct Paytm credit to your account

b) Discount voucher for other join-the dots course

c) Gift discount voucher to your friends

d) Bookmyshow vouchers

e) Amazon vouchers

Q:  Can you explain about 'jots' with an example?

Your course enrolment (say - CFA-USA)   -  300 jots

Referral of a friend (say - same CFA)        -  300 jots

                                                  Total         - 600 jots

Since total jots accumulated is above 500, you can redeem 600 jots by requesting credit to your Paytm or earn discount/gift voucher.